The judges determine three finalists for each category based solely on the information provided in the nomination packages. This is sometimes supplemented with publicly available online information such as company websites, reviews, and google search results, but not always. It is therefore critical for nominees to do a good job filling out the nomination package. To help you do that, here are some tips from the judges to help improve your chances of becoming a finalist.

Tell Your Story

Every company has a unique story to tell about themselves and why they should be considered for the award they have been nominated for. Make sure that your answers to the questions in the nomination package fully demonstrate that story.

The judges often know nothing about your company when they review the package, so make sure the information that you want them to know about the company is in the package.

Use Examples to Demonstrate Excellence

As you tell your story try to focus on the aspects of your business that make you excellent. Using examples is a good way to do this. What changes or improvements have you done to your business to get it to where it is at now? How did those things help your business?

Keep in mind that because we do not know you or your business, more is better. More facts, more examples and more stories about what you have done to get you to where you are today.

Be Complete

Fill out the questions in the nomination package as completely as possible. Packages that only have half of the information provided generally do not look as good when compared to other nominees. 

Focus on the Local

If you are a franchisee or are a local operation of a larger organization, we still want to hear about you. Just remember to include information that focuses on the local Richmond based operation, branch, or franchise and why your local location is excellent.

Share Your Success

Part of determining the best companies in Richmond involves consideration of financial success. As judges we understand that this does not always mean that all great companies are profitable at all times. For example, during early stages of a company lifecycle or rapid expansion, a company may decide to accept short term losses while building up the business. We also understand there may be real legal or competitive reasons that financial information cannot be shared. In these types of scenarios, please consider what types of information can be shared to demonstrate that the company has good financial management and success. Even telling us how you measure and monitor your financial success can make a big difference.

Get External Input

Consider getting input from others about why your business deserves the award and include that in your responses. Sometimes other people who deal with your business see value, excellence, and stories that you don't because you are part of the day to day operations.

Also consider having someone who knows you and your company well review what you have written prior to submitting your package just to make sure that your story is being told as well as you think it is.

Now that you know how to create a winning entry, submit your nomination package today! 

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